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May 16, 2009

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Boys & Girls

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA for a bit. Actually, it’s because I finally got my own domain!

So, change your links/blog roll, I’m officially on



Project 365

April 29, 2009

Do you know what unemployed, bored as hell fresh grads do in their spare time?

[click here]

The Last Lap

April 14, 2009

Finally, after 3.5 years, I’m in the last leg of my degree. I’ve handed up all my assignments, presented in my last colloquium, and today at noon handed in my completed undergraduate thesis paper. The final lap of my Bachelor’s degree lasts for approximately 10 days and will be filled with 4 final papers and a thesis defense session. On April 22nd, 2009, at 2pm, I can call myself an unofficial graduate.


You’re probably wondering why I’m not poring over textbooks right now, considering the fact that my first paper is on Friday. Well, after only 4 plus hours of sleep (not to mention the stress that came with completing my thesis), I’ve decided to take a breather and tuck in early for the night… before I resume the final lap tomorrow morning.

But before I do that, I thought I’d give some thanks some people who went out on a limb to help me complete my thesis (either by helping me recruit participants, distributing my surveys for me, helping with data analysis, lab report etc. etc). I know I should be studying but, better now than never. After all, once I start procrastinating, I might never stop.

I want to give loads of thanks and IOUs to:

Matthew Lim, (Jason’s younger brother) to whom I owe lunch for rounding up as many teenage friends as possible on MSN before introducing me to…

Dianne Chan, who also recruited as many of her friends, who met the criteria of my target sample, as possible via MSN and who I later discovered was actually the daughter of a family friend.

Erik, who is so lucky to have a cousin like me who makes use of the fact that he and his friends meet the criteria of my target sample… and is so willing to drive to Subang and back multiple times for the responses. IOU in the form of… advice and guidance from an older cousin 😉

Elvira, Kingsley, Kevin S., Priscilla Lim, Puveshni, Jasbir, Betsy & Angelreena who responded to my Facebook and real-life requests and helped me distribute my questionnaires to their teenage friends, students, church members and family members.

Kok Wui, who endured calls at all hours of the day (rush hours in particular) about statistics and SPSS questions… and demands, in addition to distributing questionnaires on my behalf.

Ivy and Konrad, who helped me review the discussion section of my lab report (even though it was actually Konrad who did it, Ivy was the one who sent it to him).

Wei Zhi, whose university database I owe 80% of the past research I used in my literature review in the first place. I still owe you lunch in Penang. I’ll probably do it in Perth then 😉

Bee Sim, who answered my million questions, endured my million speculations and complaints about my thesis… and who printed it for me too. =]

May Leng, who owns the tuition center I obtained most of my participants from and who kindly went completely out of her way to collect them from me, distribute them for me, and return them to me.

Khai Lee who (spontaneously) gave me May Leng’s contact in the first place… and to whom I owe so many lobster thermidores I’ve lost count =P.

Dr. Liau, my supervisor, who has been extremely helpful and has provided me with constructive advice and unlike some supervisors, has not misled me or left me to fend for myself.

Most importantly, I owe immense gratitude to God for all his blessings in leading me to these people.

Thanks y’all. 😉

Note: A friend of mine recently shared this blog post with me. I thought you guys would appreciate it too. =]

Good Friday

April 10, 2009

On this day, so many years ago, our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, took our sins and transgressions upon Himself and died on the cross to make us whole.

Have a Blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Easter.

SHE said

April 10, 2009

For all you Penangites or Hokkien speakers out there!

A med student friend named Chung Wei-Lyn wanted to ask if her patient, an old Chinese uncle, had bloody faeces (read: shit). So, she said:

Uncle, lu eh ka chui kang ho bo?

Literal translation: Uncle, how is your asshole?


HE said

April 7, 2009

He: i have a mancrush on takeshi kaneshiro and it’s been going on forever

Me: …………………..

He: i wanna take away his soul and replace it with mine, in that handsome vessel


This coming from the unlikeliest of sources.


April 5, 2009

Just a quick update on WHY today was absolutely fantastic.

After one of the shittiest weeks of the year, today just kicked ass.

1. I awoke to an email from my uncle in Ohio saying that my Aunt Jen just went into labour and is being prepped to deliver my newest baby cousin.

Baby J!

Baby J!

Josephine Chung, you are probably one of the most loved babies in the world. Your birth has been much awaited and we here in Malaysia cannot wait to see you and get to know you.

2. We delivered a kick-ass presentation for this semester’s colloquium for our research on humour and relevance on brand and product recognition for our Cognitive Psychology module, despite being rather ill-prepared for the presentation and kena tembak-ing during mocks.

the winning team!

the winning team!

3. WE actually WON one of the two best presentation prizes yeehaw

and another one! ;)

and another one! 😉

4. OMFG… xinch the lousiest presenter of the group actually won best presenter!

Jamie and I melansi-lansi with our prizes ;)

Jamie and I melansi-lansi with our prizes 😉

It’s an amazing close to my degree. We’ve won best presentation twice, and xinch the lousiest speaker in the world actually got a best presenter prize today.

Fantastic close to the semester, amazing closure to the end of my Bachelor’s program.

3 weeks left and I’ll join legions of unemployed, jobless youths.

Don’t matter – today was fantastic!

hugs and kisses everyone! enjoy the pics =]

the awesome display on rosch's taxonomy that took us forever to complete

the awesome display on rosch's taxonomy that took us forever to complete

“]The group with our counselling poster =]

The group with our counselling poster =